Thursday, November 17, 2011

The inside scoop on Rihanna’s X Factor appearance tonight

Rihanna will be performing on The X Factor tonight (Thursday), doing her #1 hit, “We Found Love.”

The singer actually recorded her appearance following Wednesday’s program, as she sang the first single from her new album, “Talk That Talk,” which is due out on Monday.

Entertainment Weekly has some inside scoop on what went down with the taping…reporting that Rihanna performed “We Found Love” twice after the show.

EW says the key difference between the two performances was her post-song interview with host Steve Jones.

After the first performance, Jones asked Rihanna, who’s worked with L.A. Reid in the past, if the judge is really “that cruel” in person. Rihanna replied, “He’s doesn’t hide anything.” Jones chuckled, “So he really is that cruel!” After the bit was over, Simon Cowell signaled over to Jones and a stagehand. The trio huddled for a moment and, before you knew it, Bill had informed the audience that they were going to film the whole thing a second time.

After the second performance, Jones instead asked Rihanna to give some advice to the show’s singers. “You have to love what you do,” she responded. EW says they’re not sure which interview fans will be seeing Thursday night, but they are leaning towards producers airing the second, less L.A.-hating version.

EW had another observation about the session, reporting that Rihanna didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that she was lip-syncing. Several times throughout the performance, she lowered her mic a good two or three seconds before finishing the verse. Clearly this was intentional, but it’ll be interesting to see whether The X Factor editors choose to cut away during those moments.

Tune in tonight to check it out.

For more behind the scenes info on the session, read Entertainment Weekly here.

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