Friday, July 20, 2012

Britney Spears would have loved to join American Idol

This may not sit well with her new bosses at The X Factor, but Britney Spears says she would have jumped at the chance to join American Idol as a judge.

Idol made headlines this past week when both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez confirmed their departure from the show after two seasons on the program.

Had either of them left after just one year, Spears may have had the chance to be a judge on the long-running reality series.

“I would have loved that,” Britney told Zap2It.

Spears and Demi Lovato joined The X Factor for their second US season, set to launch this fall against Idol, following the firing of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

As for her new gig at X Factor, the pop superstar is pumped.

"I feel like it brings a whole new energy to the show, definitely," said Britney, who has been involved in contestant auditions for several weeks. "Nicole and Paula were really great, but to have such a dramatic change, I'll bet this even made Simon [Cowell] and L.A. [Reid] nervous.”

"That was what they had been used to, then these two new girls come in,” she added. “I don't know how it'll be perceived, but it's been fun for us. I've been having a blast.”

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