Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AUDIO: Britney Spears - ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’ demo leaked

There’s been a surge of Britney Spears song leaks in the past month.

Last week, her demo for “Secret,” off her 2011 release “Femme Fatale,” surfaced (hear it here); last month, an acoustic rendition of “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” and the ballad “Strangest Love” appeared online (hear them both here).

Now, a fourth Britney demo has popped up – it’s for “Look Who’s Talking Now.”

Co-written by Spears, the track is rumored to be a demo for 2003’s “In The Zone,” and was released by Korean singer BoA.

We’ve snagged both versions for you to sample.

Britney Spears - Look Who’s Talking Now (demo)


BoA - Look Who’s Talking

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