Wednesday, February 29, 2012

VIDEO: Steven Tyler makes fun of Jennifer Lopez’ Oscar wardrobe malfunction

There’s still a debate about the status of Jennifer Lopez’ apparent wardrobe malfunction at the Oscars on Sunday night.

Some believe more of Lopez’ left breast was exposed than should have been, as she squeezed into a form-fitting dress for her on stage presenter duties.

Decide for yourself by watching the video here.

In the meantime, fellow American Idol judge Steven Tyler had some fun with the whole thing on Tuesday’s Idol show, the first live broadcast of the season.

When host Ryan Seacrest stopped by the judges table to chat, Tyler said, “I’m as confused as a baby in a topless bar,” before pulling back his shirt to expose his chest and asking, “Wait, wait… Who am I?”

“I don’t even know what to say to that. Ryan, save me right now!” Jennifer replied.

Seacrest clarified things for the viewing audience, “That was an Oscar re-enactment, ladies and gentlemen.”

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