Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mariah Carey: New album expected in March

Mariah Carey recently released her new single, “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” ft. Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

But fans looking for a full new album from the pop superstar will have to wait until next spring.

Billboard reports a new Mariah record is “tentatively due in March 2013.”

As for the new single, Carey’s manager Randy Jackson tells the music industry magazine that “her idea with all her music is to get it out to her fans, and hopefully lift everyone's spirits a little bit," says Jackson, who notes that "Triumphant" was inspired by Carey's husband, Nick Cannon, and his struggle with kidney failure earlier this year. "It's really about having it succeed, and people are hearing it."

In anticipation of the single's release, Carey has already shot a video directed by Cannon and set for release in the forthcoming weeks. She has a "big performance planned soon for television," and will appear in director Lee Daniels' upcoming film, "The Butler."

Mariah was recently named as a new judge on American Idol; she’ll be on board when the series returns for a new season in January.

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