Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lady Gaga to offer two versions of Fame perfume

Le Masterpiece: Fame

Images of Lady Gaga’s forthcoming new perfume, Fame, were leaked online last month, which forced the pop superstar to issue her own information about the product.

On the weekend, Gaga revealed more news via Facebook:

“Le Masterpiece FAME: the premiere edition my fragrance, cap is solid metal not plastic. (see photo above) There are 2 versions of fragrance. One is more affordable. The other is Le Masterpiece, larger bottle, metal cap & eau de parfum. My baby! All my fashion fragrance dreams coming true!”

Gaga also shared some pricing details.

“30 dollars for affordable. Over 70 for Le Masterpiece.”

The pop icon just wrapped up a month-long series of concerts in Australia over the weekend with two shows in Perth.

Gaga’s European tour starts up August 14 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Lady GaGa Lady Gaga

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