Wednesday, March 14, 2012

VIDEO: American Idol disqualifies Jermaine Jones

As rumored, American Idol producers have removed top 12 contestant Jermaine Jones from the competition.

On Wednesday night’s show, Idol aired footage of Jones meeting with Ken Warwick and Nigel Lythgoe, the show’s executive producers, to discuss issues surrounding his legal problems.

Jones was criminally charged twice in 2011 and attempted to use fake names to the police.

“There are four active warrants out on you, to be honest, Jermaine,” said Warwick during the Tuesday afternoon meeting in the show’s offices, insisting that “we’re not judgmental at all” and that he wished Jermaine would have “come clean and told us in the beginning” about his criminal history.

Asked why he hadn’t revealed this information, Jermaine replied, “I just was scared and nervous and I didn’t want to get judged, I didn’t want to get penalized for anything that happened in the past. I was just hoping I could just pay it and get it taken care of, and it just didn’t work out that way.”

“We are not allowed to have anybody who has an outstanding warrant against them on our program, and you’ve got four of them,” said Lythgoe.

“You’ve put us in a very delicate position, really,” added Warwick. “We have to let you go, I’m afraid.”

And with that, Jones and his Idol dreams have ended.

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