Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lady Gaga tops the popmusiclife Pop 10

News that Lady Gaga is the Top-Earning Woman In Music for 2011 leads this week’s popmusiclife Pop 10.

Financial magazine Forbes announced their list of money-earners for the year, and in terms in Women In Music, Lady Gaga beat ‘em all by a long shot.

Gaga pulled in $90 million dollars, more than the combined earnings of No. 2 Taylor Swift and No. 3 Katy Perry.

To find out how much more Gaga made than Taylor and Katy, check out story #1 below.

The PP10 is a list of the most-viewed pop news stories in the past week by popmusiclife readers.

For a full list of the popmusiclife Pop 10 charts, check out the archives here.

Popmusiclife Pop 10
week ending December 25, 2011

01 – Forbes: Lady Gaga is 2011 Top-Earning Woman In Music
02 – VIDEO: Katy Perry spoofs Christina Aguilera on SNL
03 – VIDEO: Michael Buble & Kelly Rowland sing White Christmas
04 – Britney Spears has Rolling Stone’s Top Song of 2011
05 – Justin Bieber: Canadian Christmas special this week
06 – VIDEO: Florence And The Machine perform on The View
07 – VIDEO: Justin Bieber joins Stevie Wonder for holiday concert
08 – VIDEO: Lady Gaga on Ellen this Friday preview
09 – Drake announces 2012 North American tour
10 – Adele picks up MTV’s Best Song of 2011 honors

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