Tips for Drummers on Choosing Headphones

It is not a secret that ears are the real treasure of all drummers. They are like extra tools that help them to sound better on stage. This is why you have to take care of them during the whole performance. Drummers don’t need to hear outside noises. Instead, they have to concentrate on the melody itself. This is why the noise-consuming headphones are a must-have, no matter whether it is an in-ear monitor for drummer or classic models that cover both ears.

Variety of Headphones

There is a difference between ordinary headphones and professional ones for drummers. Yet, even if you pick among professional drumming headphones, the choice is difficult. There are numerous models for different types of instruments and levels of noise on the market. If you face a similar dilemma, you have to know the basic features to pay attention to.

Types of drums

Depending on the drums you play, you may consider specific headphones. There is no big difference between them, yet, the little one may be crucial. Choose the one you need:

  • For acoustic drums, you may need models that do not call ear fatigue and are good to silence noise in the background;
  • Electric drummers need their headphones to be sensitive, the noise level decreased, and also a high level of comfort.

The place

It does matter where you play. At home, you may suffer from a high level of noise, while in the studio the outside sounds will be partially silenced. If you need to hear your band, you can’t cancel all the sounds around you. However, if you want to record your music, you need total silence. You may always buy two types of headphones, for rehearsals and studio.

Adjustable models

If you don’t want to buy two models at once, and you still need to change locations, you may think about adjustable headphones. They can reduce the noise from outside completely or leave it as the background. When you pick them, check out the brand and customers' reviews. Even universal headphones can be of high quality and suitable for drummers.

Features to Pay Attention To

You have to consider specific features that many professional headphones provide. And when it comes to the choice, pick the one that you need the most. They must be suitable for you. When it comes to drummers’ headphones, even those friends advise you may not be beneficial for your particular case. Useful qualities:

  • Sound. Think about the level of noise reduction. How much do you need to hear;
  • Design. Choose whether they will be over-the-ear or in-ear. In-ear provides you with the comfort of movements, while over-the-ear is just comfortable to your head;
  • Sensitivity. It matters for professional musicians. The clarity of sound you hear is highly important;
  • High frequency of response. If you want to hear every tone you play, you need to make sure that the headphones provide a high-frequency level. Even with great hearing, you need at least near 20,000Hz;
  • Wireless or long cable. If you don’t want to buy wireless headphones, at least make sure that there is enough cable. Yet, it must not stand in the way of your moves. 4 ft is usually enough.

Headphones Every Drummer Needs

Headphones for drummers usually have great noise isolation, pure quality of sound, and are comfortable to wear. It will be perfect for any music fan too since they reveal even the hidden sounds. Follow these simple recommendations and pick the most suitable model.