Monday, January 30, 2012

VIDEO: Christina Aguilera sings at Etta James’ funeral

Christina Aguilera paid tribute to her favorite singer, Etta James, at the blues great’s funeral in Los Angeles on Saturday.

NME reports Aguilera performed a moving version of James' classic single, “At Last.”

“It is an amazing honour for me to have been welcomed here today, invited here to pay tribute to the great Miss Etta James,” said Christina as she introduced the song. “I've since I've been able to tour, I've gone round the whole wide world and I would tell people that Miss Etta James was my favourite singer.”

“It's very emotional for me to sing today, as this has meant so much to me,”
she continued. “All my life, I've aspired to sing like Etta James, to be like her, of all the singers I've ever heard, she was the one who cut right to my soul.”

James passed away January 20 at the age of 73; she had been suffering from terminal leukemia, kidney disease, hepatitis C and dementia.

The singer was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1993 and received six Grammy awards; she released 30 albums during her career.

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